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05 Sep '15

How to Survive the West Indian Carnival – Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn

Posted by Andre White in West Indian Parade

Words expressed by @80sbaby4life on Twitter

Lets start with some stats, who doesn’t love stats.

2011 – 67 people shot

2012 – two fatally stabbed and two shot

2014 – one killed 4 shot


Rule 1: Pay attention to your surroundings.  This is a large gathering of people that includes beautiful women who are almost naked. Numerous places to get something delicious to eat and drink.  There is also an abundance of loud music and the opportunity to slow grind with the opposite sex. However if you do not pay attention things can get ugly quite quickly.

Rule 2: Don’t run… at first.  I’ve seen this countless times.  You’re on the parkway “palancing” , doing the “nuh linga” or whatever your dance move of choice and all hell breaks loose.  A shit load of people start running.  I know first instinct is to take off and ask questions later. But please consider you may  be running in the direction of trouble.  Survey the cause of the running, listen out for “probable causes” aka gun shots then proceed to take action.

Rule 3: Listen to the cops.  They can be assholes but don’t make their job any harder than it is.  No one wants to spend time in cuffs when you could be spending time "wining up pun butts". The majority of them don’t want to be there in the first place not to mention with the amount of people that will be there it can be stressful.  I don’t agree with their tactics of blocking off certain sections of the parade but I understand I guess. (Its bullshit lol)

Rule 4: Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.  In certain cultures mud,  oil amongst other things are used to celebrate.  This is not the place to wear the new Bordeaux 7’s.  Don’t get cute.  The West Indian parade is a gathering in which all cultures from the Caribbean come together (most of the time peacefully) and party… outdoors.  I don’t get wearing your best outfit that may get stomped on or soiled.  It just doesn’t make sense. 

Rule 5: Travel in large groups if possible.  It is easier to have more eyes paying attention than if you go by yourself.  (* Note if you plan to just sit on the sideline and watch you may go alone)  I have gone to the parade with my friends and they introduce me to their friends.   Soon enough we are a group of 10-15 heads strong.  I might add we like to jump through the crowd while holding on to each other.  (Shit is fun think of an active line dance parting an angry sea of people getting bumped).  

Rule 6: The OBVIOUS one…have fun.  There are so much things to do in New York City especially Labor Day weekend.  Parties, cook outs  and the overall atmosphere is something you have to experience for yourself.  The violence can damper things at times but it really is a small sample.   Don’t be oblivious amongst the fun.  Anything can happen.  But you MUST enjoy yourself. 

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