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15 Jul '15

Hip Hop

Posted by Andre White in Celebrate, Hip Hop, Homage, Memories

Hip Hop has been influential since its existence.  The lifestyle has been emulated by many cultures.  Music, art and fashion play a big role in our everyday life.  Do you remember what you were doing when you heard a particular song for the first time?  The memories of summer, asking your elementary crush if they wanted to be in a relationship with a simple note, or how about busting out a dance move to prove you were the best. 

Memories are what make life so beautiful.  Why not celebrate it.  Why not pay homage to the greats who made the culture what it is today, a multi-billion dollar industry.  There isn’t any reason why the new faces and “old” cannot coexist and thrive.  Other music genres don’t shun their forefathers, why does hip hop culture? Here at 80sbabyprints we want to bring back those long lasting memories without being stubborn and adapting to change.

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