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25 May '15

Hello Goodmorning(This is the remix)

Posted by Andre White in Hello Goodmorning

Hello and welcome all! Thank you for visiting we truly appreciate you.  80sbabyprints or #80sbbyprnts isn't new to the custom t shirt game. Well we are but we actually have over ten years of graphic design experience. We have been a legal entity since late 2014 and plan on continually adding to our catalog. We have a variety of Caribbean shirts, and also do custom shirts as well.  We really enjoy the creative process and the reactions we get when a customer wears our shirts.  We love to make you happy. No really.  Happy customer happy wife.  (No misprint). Please check in daily as we will offer giveaways, discounts, guest bloggers and musicians.  Just ride the wave and always remember " Don't think about it print about it" (corny we know so what lol).

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