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26 Jan '16

The Best Quality T-Shirt Blanks (Cause we said so)

Posted by Andre White

Looking for a quality t shirt blank to print on? Specifically wholesale t shirts?  Well you are in the right place at the right time!  Whether you print as a hobby or for business quality wins time after time.  Who wants to wear a cheap feeling shirt?  Paying customers deserve a great fitting, comfortable, soft and wash tested shirt.  Below we will help you pick the best quality t-shirts on the market...in our damn opinion lol.  (Our picks are not in any particular order) 


We love Next Level Apparel.  They have top notch quality similar to an American Apparel but they cost slightly less.  The fit is perfect.  The feel is buttery soft and when you print on this shirt... its pure ecstasy.  The model we used was the 3600 tee.  Check them out here http://www.nextlevelapparel.com/16/home.htm 

District will surprise you! It definitely surprised us.  The quality of this tee is amazing.  Sometimes when the price is good you think, "so whats wrong with it".  We can honestly say nothing.  The fit is similar to the next level brand, they offer a large quantity of colors for men and women.  The feel is soft...just how we like it :)  check them out here https://districtclothing.com/  

American Apparel is the big dog of the blank t-shirt industry.  They are one of the most sought after companies when it comes to wholesale t-shirts and for good reason.  They have built a reputation of top quality products, for a long time.   We love everything about them except the price.  Honestly they deserve to charge more.  You get what you pay for. However we believe if you are just starting out you should find a balance between quality and price. Especially when there are comparable brands available as we mentioned earlier.  The fit is top notch, the feel is top quality the selection is damn near unlimited.  Do yourself a favor and check them out here http://www.americanapparel.net/wholesaleresources/?mpch=ads  

Gildan in our opinion is a value brand.  Meaning its a great price but the quality isn't on the same level as the previous brands we mentioned.  That's ok! When picking the perfect wholesale t-shirt to print on being cost effective may be your top priority.  The model we used is the softsyle 64000. The shirt is really soft. We don't like the fit, we have experienced some inconsistencies and when running a business you have to be quite uniform. We still advise you to check them out and form your OWN opinion.  


Anvil is what we call another "value brand"  its reasonably priced and you can definitely add them to your collection.  They don't have a wide variety of colors (not a necessity) and the fit tends to be snug under the armpits.  The quality is very good.  Give them a try 



We believe in fully doing research on the type of wholesale t-shirt you would like to print on.  There is such a large quantity of quality brands available to your disposal.  Buy a few and test them yourself.  Ask your customers how they like the shirts.  Use that feedback to provide the best customer service possible.  Its been real.  Feel free to contact us with any questions at 80sbabyprints@gmail.com  or subscribe for future updates as we proceed to give you what you need! We out. 

Words by @80sbaby4life 

05 Sep '15

How to Survive the West Indian Carnival – Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn

Posted by Andre White in West Indian Parade

Words expressed by @80sbaby4life on Twitter

Lets start with some stats, who doesn’t love stats.

2011 – 67 people shot

2012 – two fatally stabbed and two shot

2014 – one killed 4 shot


Rule 1: Pay attention to your surroundings.  This is a large gathering of people that includes beautiful women who are almost naked. Numerous places to get something delicious to eat and drink.  There is also an abundance of loud music and the opportunity to slow grind with the opposite sex. However if you do not pay attention things can get ugly quite quickly.

Rule 2: Don’t run… at first.  I’ve seen this countless times.  You’re on the parkway “palancing” , doing the “nuh linga” or whatever your dance move of choice and all hell breaks loose.  A shit load of people start running.  I know first instinct is to take off and ask questions later. But please consider you may  be running in the direction of trouble.  Survey the cause of the running, listen out for “probable causes” aka gun shots then proceed to take action.

Rule 3: Listen to the cops.  They can be assholes but don’t make their job any harder than it is.  No one wants to spend time in cuffs when you could be spending time "wining up pun butts". The majority of them don’t want to be there in the first place not to mention with the amount of people that will be there it can be stressful.  I don’t agree with their tactics of blocking off certain sections of the parade but I understand I guess. (Its bullshit lol)

Rule 4: Don’t wear anything you wouldn’t mind getting dirty.  In certain cultures mud,  oil amongst other things are used to celebrate.  This is not the place to wear the new Bordeaux 7’s.  Don’t get cute.  The West Indian parade is a gathering in which all cultures from the Caribbean come together (most of the time peacefully) and party… outdoors.  I don’t get wearing your best outfit that may get stomped on or soiled.  It just doesn’t make sense. 

Rule 5: Travel in large groups if possible.  It is easier to have more eyes paying attention than if you go by yourself.  (* Note if you plan to just sit on the sideline and watch you may go alone)  I have gone to the parade with my friends and they introduce me to their friends.   Soon enough we are a group of 10-15 heads strong.  I might add we like to jump through the crowd while holding on to each other.  (Shit is fun think of an active line dance parting an angry sea of people getting bumped).  

Rule 6: The OBVIOUS one…have fun.  There are so much things to do in New York City especially Labor Day weekend.  Parties, cook outs  and the overall atmosphere is something you have to experience for yourself.  The violence can damper things at times but it really is a small sample.   Don’t be oblivious amongst the fun.  Anything can happen.  But you MUST enjoy yourself. 

If you are heading to the West Indian Parade in Brooklyn or Miami Carnival in October check out our wear your flag section (http://80sbabyprints.com/collections/wear-your-flag).  Use code Flag20 to receive a discount.  Thank You for taking the time to read this blog. Please share...  Its love!

15 Jul '15

Hip Hop

Posted by Andre White in Celebrate, Hip Hop, Homage, Memories

Hip Hop has been influential since its existence.  The lifestyle has been emulated by many cultures.  Music, art and fashion play a big role in our everyday life.  Do you remember what you were doing when you heard a particular song for the first time?  The memories of summer, asking your elementary crush if they wanted to be in a relationship with a simple note, or how about busting out a dance move to prove you were the best. 

Memories are what make life so beautiful.  Why not celebrate it.  Why not pay homage to the greats who made the culture what it is today, a multi-billion dollar industry.  There isn’t any reason why the new faces and “old” cannot coexist and thrive.  Other music genres don’t shun their forefathers, why does hip hop culture? Here at 80sbabyprints we want to bring back those long lasting memories without being stubborn and adapting to change.
25 May '15

Hello Goodmorning(This is the remix)

Posted by Andre White in Hello Goodmorning

Hello and welcome all! Thank you for visiting we truly appreciate you.  80sbabyprints or #80sbbyprnts isn't new to the custom t shirt game. Well we are but we actually have over ten years of graphic design experience. We have been a legal entity since late 2014 and plan on continually adding to our catalog. We have a variety of Caribbean shirts, and also do custom shirts as well.  We really enjoy the creative process and the reactions we get when a customer wears our shirts.  We love to make you happy. No really.  Happy customer happy wife.  (No misprint). Please check in daily as we will offer giveaways, discounts, guest bloggers and musicians.  Just ride the wave and always remember " Don't think about it print about it" (corny we know so what lol).